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This lockdown is affecting almost all of us financially in a negative way. 


We've been thinking what can we do differently, within our limited means, to help one another! And we've come up with a win-win solution! 


A referral commission plan. For every small to medium enterprise business that you refer to us for social media management and that we sign as a client we will pay out a once off commission fee of R1,000!! 

Please note:

This idea is not created to take advantage of the current situation but to help one another! 

E-mail your referral: 


T's & C's apply:

- Commission will be paid once we receive payment from the client/s you refer, we invoice monthly in advance. Thus you can receive commission within days of referral.

- The commission fee of R1,000 applies to a full months invoice and not a pro-rata invoice. For a pro-rata invoice the commission structure will also be calculated pro-rata. 

- We conduct business with transparency and our social media packages are available to view here.

- The commission structure applies to our 'Social Media package 2', which is R2,900 per month. This package includes R400 allocated for paid-for-advertising, the management of up to four social media platforms and the setting up of the relevant accounts. A detailed list of what the package includes is available to view here.

- The commission structure does not apply to any other package, nor website development or any other design work.  

- 'Referral' means someone that you know and someone that wants social media management for their business. 

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