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OMS is not an agency but a small team of friendly hand-picked people specializing in their field of expertise. 

We officially started off the 1st of August 2018!

Clients have the convenience of dealing with one business with the three division services we offer; social media management, website development and design services.  We only offer end results that we are proud of!


Our out of city clients love visiting sunny Durbs and we always have time for a quick strategy session over a cuppa (or mind you a drink if it falls on a Friday afternoon).


Friends, family and happy clients have been showing their support of OMS services by spreading the word about us at a rapid pace.


An entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in the earthmoving and transport industry, three years farming, with a short stint as editor in publishing and seven years of experience as an event organiser / event production manager in JHB, DBN and CT.

“What started off as doing social media management and flyer designs for my own events, grew into doing flyer designs and offering social media tips for friends. Due to word of mouth more people approached me and website design quickly followed.

I love connecting people and opening a business where passion and work collides seemed like the obvious choice.

With the conscious choice of being hands on with OMS, I decided to take a sabbatical to study and inform myself even more with both website design and social media marketing courses. Learning the ins and outs of every business that becomes a social media client is what ultimately makes me tick! 

‘Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’ surely applies with OMS!”  - Judith Nel

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